Brooklyn rapper and motivational speaker Pop Buchanan recently spoke with DJ Permiss on episode 20 of “The Kitchen” for an extensive interview and in-depth look at the life and career of the man himself, Pop Buchanan.

Pop Buchanan is a conscious, east coast rapper inspired by the likes of Jay Z, Andre 3000, and Pusha T.  With a wide variety of tracks under his belt already, both Soundcloud and Spotify play host to great Pop Buchanan songs like “Mark of the Beast” and “Elevate”. Buchanan’s latest release, “I Love My Ancestors” is a fantastic representation of 2019 hip hop with captivating lyrics and a message of God, Ancestry, and Legacy.

During Pop Buchanan’s interview with DJ Permiss, the two discussed Pop’s hiatus from hip hop and why he decided to take a break from rapping, pulling inspiration from natural sources and the world around him, as well as his journey through sobriety. The interview serves as a fascinating look into the background and influences that happen to be major factors in Pop Buchanan’s career as an artist.

Pop Buchanan’s content is easy enough to track down, you can simply find all of his music on Soundcloud or Spotify, catch up with his activities on Twitter or Instagram @popbuchanan, and even check out his Youtube channel, POP Buchanan, where he puts out tons of content and even a recent freestyle titled “POP Buchanan Freestyle”. We’re certainly excited for Pop’s next moves and we’re eager to watch his art lead him to success.